David Baker

My name is David Baker. I’ve been with Barwells for more than 10 years and my adviser is Roger Waters.

I got in touch with Barwells because I had a certain amount of savings, and as I was coming up towards retirement, I felt the need to somehow protect my savings.

I had a friend who happened to work in a different department at Barwells. I spoke to her, and she said, “Oh, Roger Waters is someone you might find very approachable, and it would be useful to contact him.” So that’s what I did.

I got in contact with Barwells and asked if I could meet Roger. I met him and found him to be very personal, very approachable, and very easy to talk with, and he seemed to understand my questions and issues.

Over the years, Barwells has helped me with quite a few things, including my savings and pension, but interestingly, my family also came up with some requests; my son works abroad and wanted help with his pension. I contacted Roger, and he was able to put me in touch with the right sort of person, so my son has worked with him as well.

If I’ve got a problem or some sort of issue, I find they can come up with all sorts of solutions; sometimes they anticipate the solutions, so, they’ve helped me with tax issues, they’ve helped me with the amount of my return, and so on. So, my feeling is really that it’s nice to have a sense of security and that’s really helpful in this day and age because you can then get on with the rest of your life and not worry so much about things.

Barwells makes me feel that what I’ve got should be enough to cope with a reasonable future and to enable me to even contribute to my family. I’ve got three kids and six grandchildren and I feel I can actually support them. So, they make me feel reassured and comfortable about the future.

The three words I’d probably use to describe Barwells are accessible, reliable, and knowledgeable.

I can raise something and put a question to Roger, and I never feel my questions are, in any sense, belittled; I feel he takes them seriously, gives them thought, and comes back with a really informative answer. So, I feel like in that way I can control what’s happening to my financial future.

I would certainly recommend Barwells to other people, in particular my contact, Roger Waters. Roger is a very sympathetic, calm, and thoughtful adviser, and he provides advice that I feel is specific to me, so I feel comfortable and never feel as if I have to make a decision that suits him. Decisions are made with advice from him that suits me, so it’s very personal and clear.

Barwells makes me feel reassured and comfortable about the future

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