David Roberts

My name is David Roberts. I’ve been a client of Barwells for about 10 years and my financial adviser is Roger Waters.

I was approaching retirement age, and I wanted to seek advice about my pensions, consolidation, and putting all the finances in one company.

I met Roger socially 12 or 13 years ago through my partner; that’s when I first heard about Barwells. When the time came that I needed some advice, I called him, and that was about two or three years after I first met him.

When I met him, I just trusted him, and he was knowledgeable as well.

For me, I couldn’t have done it on my own; I needed someone to do it for me and he was the person to do it.

Although, at the moment, I’m 74, I still haven’t retired, so I’m still paying into a pension, and he helps me with that and guides me along the best way to do it – the most tax-efficient way. They provide a very professional service and are very helpful. I’ve found them to be very good; that’s all I would say.

I feel comfortable with his advice and the strategy that he’s putting in place. We’ve talked about risk, and we agree on the way forward for me, and so far, it’s worked out fine.

The three words I’d use to describe Roger are personable, professional, and approachable; you can talk to him, and that’s very important.

The best thing about working with Roger and Barwells is that I trust his advice and don’t have to worry too much about what’s going on. I leave the investments to him; once we’ve worked out the risk strategy and what I’m looking to get out of it, he goes ahead and does it and I’m quite content with that arrangement.

I would recommend Roger and Barwells, and the reason I’d recommend them is because I trust them with my money and my investments, so why wouldn’t I recommend them to somebody else?

I trust the advice I receive from Barwells, and I don’t have to worry about what’s going on

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