Penny Cockell

My name is Penny Cockell. I’ve been a client of Barwells since 2017/18 and Lee Waters is my adviser.

My parents died and I’m an only child, so I needed help with my finances and setting up a family trust for one of my sons.

Both of my parents’ wills were with Barwells Solicitors in Seaford, as is my own, so they sent me to Barwells Financial.

I feel very confident working with Barwells, as I know that they will give me good advice about anything whenever I call.

I feel that my financial future is as organised and forward-thinking as it can be in these times, working alongside Lee.

The three words I would use to describe Lee are responsive, helpful and knowledgeable.

The best thing about working with Lee and the team is when I telephone, the girls on the desk know who I am. If Lee isn’t there, then Roger, his father, is also tremendously helpful, and I feel I’m part of their family.

I’m happy to go to see Lee at any time and when I did need to send everything during Covid, that was no problem. I sent it through the post, a little bit was missing, but I could photograph it and send it that way. So, he’s been tremendously helpful through all this time of Covid and it’s just a pleasure to go and visit the office and see them all.

The best piece of advice that Lee has given me was when my son needed to change his bank account and start a mortgage, and Lee told me the very best place that he should go.

Yes, I would recommend Barwells and I have recommended Barwells to another friend in Seaford. She had a similar problem, needing to set up a family trust and help a disabled member of her family, and Lee has been absolutely brilliant in managing that side of things.

Barwells makes me feel like I’m part of their family

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