Richard Bulman

My name is Richard Bulman. I’ve been a client of Barwells Wealth for eight or nine years. My adviser is Lee Waters.

I got in touch with Barwells initially because I was considering retiring early and I wanted some advice on consolidating all my separate pensions from different jobs into one fund.

I’ve stayed with Barwells for financial advice predominantly because I knew them, and because they were local. It’s nice to know you can get in contact with somebody locally, and visit the person and speak to them, rather than doing things over the phone or the internet all the time. So, it’s nice to meet face-to-face, which is possible when you’re dealing with a business locally.

On the financial side of things, Lee ultimately managed to locate all the pensions that I had, put them all together, sum up the total, and was able to advise me on my future prospects with that total pension fund.

We have an annual review of the funds I have, and each year we look at those and Lee gives me advice on any withdrawals that I wish to make, the best way to do them and the financial plan going forward.

I feel assured that the money is in a safe place and any advice I need, I can make a phone call and we can go forward. I’m very happy with where I am and the prospects and longevity of the funds that I’ve got.

Knowing that the funds I’ve got will take me into the future and keep me going into the latter years is reassuring. It also seems to be a very secure fund.

Three words I would use to describe Barwells are, safe, secure, and reassuring.

The best thing about working with Barwells is the personal contact; Lee is always willing to speak to me if I wish to, even if it’s not my annual review. I can give him a call to speak to him and get advice or reassurance. If I need that during the year, I know it’s available.

I would always recommend Barwells, particularly Lee, to friends, work colleagues and so on because they’re so easy to deal with. They’re not judgmental in any way, they will look at what you’ve got and give you the advice. Whether that’s exactly what you want to hear or not is another question, but it’s best to have the correct advice rather than just something you want to hear, and Lee is always good at that.

Barwells makes me feel safe, secure, and reassured

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