Patrick & Judith

I’m Pat and this is my wife, Judith. We’ve been clients of Barwells in one form or another for 52 years. They have been our financial adviser for about 24 years, and our current advisor is Lee Waters.

I inherited some money about 20 to 25 years ago, and we were both in full-time employment, working hard while raising a family. And although Judith had traditionally looked after the budgeting, we felt we needed somebody who actually had professional experience in shares, stocks, and doing long-term investments, something we had never done before.


I knew to look for an IFA that was accredited in the proper way. We realised that Barwells was one of them and I thought, well, that’s just too easy, it’s down the road, we know them, they meet all the criteria needed to look after the sums of money we’re dealing with, so we went with them.

We went with Barwells because, one, we knew them, two, we knew some of the people who were working there anyway, and three, they were very convenient, and we knew them to be sound and sensible.

They helped us through my husband’s redundancy, they helped us after our son’s death when we had to revise our wills, and they’re still providing an excellent service now we’ve moved well away from Newholme. We still receive good service as they’re looking after my husband’s pension.


I know that when I need financial advice, I can go to Barwells and I’m going to get straight answers, support, and useful and helpful suggestions. I have every confidence in them, and it’s because they have proved themselves time and time again over the years. I’ve come to rely on them very much.



I just feel confident and secure that I don’t need to worry about any of it. If there is an issue, I’m sure they will contact us. If I want advice, I have advice. It’s there and something I don’t have to worry about in my life.


They’ve been flexible as well, in a way that slightly surprised me sometimes. So that’s been very good. I do feel much more confident about the long term, and that we can actually, financially continue for as long as possible.

If I had to describe Barwells very quickly, I would say they are transparent, helpful, and secure.



The thing about working with Barwells is that when you approach them, somebody comes back to you very quickly. You very quickly know when you’re going to be able to meet with or talk to the person who can help you answer the question, and that when you do that, the answers will be answering the question not wandering around the point.



The best piece of advice I’ve ever had from them is to actually deal with my pension in a sensible way, to actually bring together a number of pension pots that I had into one management stream that I could then actually monitor myself, which was brilliant.

I have absolute confidence in recommending Barwells to somebody looking for advice on the basis of my experience. They have been absolutely brilliant. They’ve helped us through so many occasions in life that throw up financial questions. I have no hesitation at all in recommending them.

We have every confidence in Barwells and we rely on them very much

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